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Next Generation Resources' Management

NICE systems




An innovative system for resources management, with information and control interfaces for the various, new, organizational stakeholders, who have not received a direct value from the system so far - operations, marketing managers and others. In addition to local solutions for direct customers, the solution leveraged the new cloud infrastructure to create a proactive global data ecosystem for corporate customers.

“marketing was killing us with campaigns that we needed to support operationally. We needed to analyze internal data, external trends and conditions and plan thousands of employee shifts in no-time...” (company analyst)

The Challenge

In this project our customer was a global leader in developing workforce management systems to the largest organizations around the world. After years of market leadership, new market entrants and new technological infrastructures began shaking the field, causing our customer to rethink its users’ needs, the solutions they offer and the way they are delivered to the users.

The Project

The company’s main users are professional teams of operational managers and analysts. This required thorough research that cycled through mapping the users’ eco-system, their interactions and the data flow with other stakeholder within the organization. It also required a look into the users’ needs and behaviors around the system. We found out that throughout the years, users and stakeholders have created a whole set of behaviors that complemented different features and answered all kinds of operational, analytical and interactional needs, that were not necessarily met within the frames of the existing solutions. Global research was conducted by a team of Whiteboard researchers, the company’s product and UX lead team and our US research partner, enabling us to connect global corporate points of view with both local and different industry needs.

The Outcome

The project resulted in a prototype of a cloud based system that catered to the needs of the new stakeholders within the organization (based on the research). This conceptual system created a whole range of new business opportunities for the company. On top of other features, the company leveraged the new cloud infrastructure to create a global ecosystem for their customers, making crowd sourced information available to their customer for their own operational and marketing planning.

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