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Global Internal Communication Strategy





Managing internal communications for 25,000 people worldwide is an enormous challenge. We have developed unique models and tools to get the ICOMM team to manage and prioritize magnificant amount of knowledge and information, sent to the employees from dozens of organizational sources. The solutions mapped and leveraged the employees' attention points to different types of information to attract attention and increase the call to action.

"As long as you keep sending emails to my inbox, chances are I won't read them!" (Employee)

The Challenge

The company's internal organizational communication unit addresses the need to create attention and motivate the action of thousands of employees in dozens of countries around the world. A rethinking of the company's internal communication strategy was required, within a noisy information environment that envelops employees and managers. Our challenge was to create solutions for different types of needs, motivations and the local context of the employees to strengthen their connection to the company and increase the involvement and motivation for their action, in different activities and information sharing.

The Project

We defined the challenge and went out for global research on various sites of the company. Interviews and workshops were conducted in the United States and India, as well as at remote sites in Europe, South Africa, China and Indonesia to accurately understand and reflect how different employees consume the company’s internal communications and how they feel about its contribution to their personal goals.

The Outcome

The project led to 5 powerful concepts implemented by various stakeholders and departments in the organization and provided solutions in a variety of aspects: spot communication on remote sites, customized information for employees, internal platforms for sharing information between employees, email sorting platforms for managers and more.

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