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Municipal life-Improving Solutions

Tel Aviv Municipality




Development of urban solutions to improve the quality of life of residents and refuge seekers in a neighborhood of Tel Aviv. The project has led to various local activities: urban entrepreneurship center, international food market, an experimental art center to bring together local artists and the community, renovating the neighborhood house fronts, various trainings for refuge seekers and many others.

“A couple is coming over to see the apartment for sale. I will try to encourage them that the situation in the neighborhood will get better. I wish it were true...” (Israeli resident)

The Challenge

Understanding the complex environment and interactions between local residents and African refugee seekers in a particular neighborhood in the city of Tel Aviv and creating urban solutions to better the lives of both of these groups.

The Project

The complex eco- system of the neighborhood required sensitive research that touched various stakeholders and interviewees from the different groups in the neighborhood. The research consisted of interviews, observations in various locations and in different hours of the day (including night observations), cultural probes that were handed out to the residents, participation in neighborhood parliaments, immersion in community events and more. The research insights and personas were the base to several ideation workshops we facilitated in the neighborhood - where all residents (Israeli and African) and municipality members participated in ideating the future together.

The Outcome

The project led to variety of local activities: A center for urban entrepreneurship, international food market, experimental art center to bring together
local artists and the community, renovating the neigbourhood's house fronts, various trainings for the refuge seekers and many other initiatives .

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