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Integration of Ultra-Orthodox women in the labor market

The Joint, Tevet



A Co design process, led by a team of leading women in the ultra-Orthodox society, that has focused on developing tools for assisting ultra-orthodox women in integrating into the labor market for the first time in their lives. The range of solutions has corresponded with the family and community arenas, with the employers' needs and in the curricula and training plans of the women.

"My work in a secular high tech company puts a lot of stress on my marriage. When I come home I don't feel like I can really share my day with my husband. He doesn't understand that world. He doesn't understand where i'm coming from" (Orthodox Haredi Woman)

The Challenge

The project aimed to tackle the complexity of combining work and demanding family life of orthodox haredi women living in closed communities all over the country. The project consisted of ethnographic research of young haredi women in the time frame of 5 years after completing the seminar (equivalent to high school). The chosen timeframe reflected the challenges facing these women in their first experiences in the working world – a secular world very different than the religious one they come from, together with becoming a mother for the first time and expanding their family.

The Project

After completing the research of women, husbands, rabis, bride consultants and more, we constructed the insights and created 7 personas that reflected the pain points, motivations, needs and customer journeys of these women. Finally, we had ideation sessions with relevant stakeholders and created new concepts that fit the lifestyle of these women and can help with the demanding challenges they face.

The Outcome

In this unique project the products and services that were created match the more “analogical” way of living of these communities and consisted more of face to face interaction services and tangible products, rather than digital solutions.

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